Relationships & Stillness

I value authentic, vulnerable relationships- with God, with myself, and with people. I cherish my relationships with family, friends, and spiritual communities.

I value stillness. The world bombards our senses with constant overstimulation and unreasonable demands on our time and attention. I have set my intention purposed to slow down the pace of my life and minimize influences that distract me from being fully me and fully present to God and people.

Mystery & Beauty

I value mystery. I went through a spiritual transformation over the last handful of years. One of the core lessons I gained was to embrace the questions. So often we long to fit everything in the world around us, as well as in the spiritual realm, into a neat, well-defined construct. There is great freedom in admitting we don’t know the answers. God is mystery, and although that can feel frustrating, it also offers an invitation to endless exploration.

I value beauty, wonder, nature, and the exploration of things and people unnoticed.  I particularly cherish the beauty of human resiliency in the midst of struggle.

Diversity & Fun

I value diversity. Every individual is welcome in my heart, especially if you are of a different race, economic status, ethnicity, gender orientation, sexual orientation, religious background, or any other thing that makes us unique – is equally welcome and cherished in my listening space. I love and value the things that make us diverse. As a human being and as a spiritual director, I desire to live in radical acceptance and unconditional love for all.

I value FUN!  I think we often take ourselves way too seriously. I see evidence all over creation that God appreciates fun. (I mean, penguins??  Come on!) I love to laugh, and I hope that somehow amidst the seriousness of my listening and songwriting, I can welcome moments of fun.