Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is a safe place to tell our stories and to explore the movements of God within them.

The Beginning…

The first spiritual experience I remember was during a family camping trip to California when I was a kid. I was standing in a grove of majestic, peaceful Redwoods. As I closed my eyes and listened to the whooshing sound of the wind in the pines, I remember the unmistakable feeling that the presence of Love was there with me. I have come to understand that God is all around us, and I believe that God desires to be known by us. 

what is spiritual direction?

There are many ways we can set our intention to know God, and meeting with a spiritual director is one of them.

Spiritual direction is a shared intent between the director and the directee to pay attention to God in the directee’s life. 

I was introduced to spiritual direction at a time in my life when I was in deep pain. I needed someone who could sit with me as I told the story and help me process all that I was experiencing. I have discovered that healing doesn’t fully come until we tell our stories. My spiritual director was a companion to my pain, and also to the deep joy of God with me. She is a witness to things I am often unable to express to others. Spiritual Direction is a safe place to tell our stories and to explore the movements of God within them.

A spiritual director is someone who has been trained to listen & who has a calling to accompany others on their spiritual journeys. 

Spiritual directors do not seek to solve your problems or supply answers to your questions. Rather, they are a spiritual companion who can help you tune your ear toward God. As a spiritual director, my desire is to create a peaceful, non-judgmental, compassionate space for you to explore who you are, who God is, and how you are uniquely made to be in the world.

I completed a two-year spiritual direction training program through Shalem Institute in December of 2019. 

I am currently enrolled in Shalem Institute’s 18 month program, “Transforming Communities: Leading Contemplative Groups and Retreats. I am privileged to be a part of the collective of Spiritual Directors at Restoration Ministries. If you are curious about spiritual direction, want to hear more, or would like to schedule an introductory visit, let me know here:

You do not have to do this alone.  

Come, be welcomed into a space of prayerful listening, loving acceptance, and attentiveness to God.