spiritual direction

Welcome! I am Leanne.

I love creating spaces for people to experience God.

May this website be one such space for you.

Curious about Spiritual Direction? Let’s have a conversation.

The small gifts I hope to offer are gentle things borne out of my desire to live attuned to God.

A prayer from my heart that only God hears, a moment of compassionate listening that helps someone feel understood, a song that flows out of a conversation with God. They are not grand things, but I hope they are done with great love.

Original Songs

From the movements of my heart to yours, I give you “Heartstrings.”

Find all of the places you can listen to Heartstrings here.

Spiritual Direction may be right for you if you desire to…

+ Bring more attention to God’s movement
in your life

+ Explore real-life questions in a safe, nonjudgmental space

+ Experience spiritual companionship in the joys and pains of your story

+ Go deeper in your experience of the mysteries
of God

+ Grow in your understanding of yourself and the unique things you bring to the world